TIP-One of the biggest challenges I encountered when designing this frame was clearance. I constructed stunt double pc components like HD, MB DVD ROM etc out of cardboard and foamboard to help with determing clearance issues without having to drag my actual components out to the car for initial fitting and design.

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Car PC Frame

The frame for the Dakota Project Car PC has to function both as a frame and a structural element for the pc. It also has to hold the VIA Mini-Itx motherboard and the slim DVD ROM drive.

After about eight prototypes, overcoming numerous clearance issues inside the glovebox, I settled on this simple, yet very functional two piece design.

It is constructed out of one inch aluminum "L" channel, mitered at the corners and welded with JB weld at the joints for strength. I also made notches for the various connectors where necessary. USB, Serial, Audio etc. I then drilled holes in the inside lip where the VIA Mini-Itx motherboard will be mounted. And where the frame will be bolted down. Sanding, Primer and paint finished off the chassis.

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