TIP-If you install your Car-PC in your glovebox, make sure you have plenty of clearance to open and close the glovebox without scraping or damaging your components. Also, make sure your CD/DVD drive trays will open and close without obstruction.

TIP-The complete Car Power Package is the solution you've been looking for. It includes your choice of DC DC converter! and it's avaiable now..

Glovebox Part 1

In order to preserve the original glovebox in the Dakota, I decided to find a second "Stunt Double" glovebox that I could cut into without feelings of guilt. I found this perfect match at a wrecking yard in Portland and paid $35 for it. This way I am able to preserve the original glovebox with all the factory numbers and labels inside. When I decide to trade in the Dakota someday, I'll be able to swap the original glovebox back into place.

Here you can see evidence of an impending paint scheme along with a cutout at the bottom where the Hard drive will eventually reside.

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