TIP - This shot is of the pc before the second plexiglass platform and DVD is installed on the top rail of the chassis. This is also the way you will want your pc when it comes time to do maintenance, re-routing wires, cables etc. A good way to mount your CD/DVD drive in a configuration like this is by using high quality velcro type fasteners. It will hold your DVD firmly in place while still allowing for easy, quick access to your pc components and motherboard.

TIP - If you use rubber grommets as shock protection under your motherboard, be sure you tighten all 4 bolts equally. You don't want to cause the motherboard to warp by tightening the mounting bolts un-evenly. Warping could lead to component damage and failure.

Glovebox Part 4

This is how it looks with the EPIA M mainboard installed. You can clearly see the PW120A compact 120 watt DC DC power supply neatly snapped into the ATX connector of the motherboard. There is no other power source needed in this installation.

There are four stainless bolts installed through each of the four corner mounting holes that run all the way through the mainboard, nylon spacers, plexiglass platform, rubber grommets and finally through the glovebox itself, secured with flat washers and nylon lined lock nuts. That way the entire structure is snugged up together as one solid unit, with the rubber grommets allowing for vibration protection.

(One mounting hole in the motherboard is offset from the other mounting holes. I was unable to route that bolt through the actual frame, so I used spacers and a rubber grommet and bolted through the plexiglass and glovebox.)

Next there will be another plexiglass platform installed on top of the chassis to hold the slimline CD/DVD ROM.

The angle of the top rail of the frame had to be just perfect to allow clearance for the DVD tray to open without obstruction when the glovebox is in the opened position.

This is also where I installed the additional USB and firewire ports. They are mounted using plexiglass above the other connectors off to the right side of the frame.

Next, we'll see the pc actually installed in the Dakota with the ITPS Power Sequencer!

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